"Oh, imaginary friends are magical friends
big and small and fast and slow ones

Across the Land Before Time film series, various imaginary creatures, not intended to be representatives of existing species, appear.

Petrie's Imaginary Friend

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Imaginary Friend with Wings

Petrie's imaginary friend is a short, nice, friendly Sharptooth who appears in The Land Before Time IX: Journey to Big Water. He bears a resemblance to the series' Tyrannosaurus, though he is much more heavily stylized than the others in the series.

Petrie's friends' imaginary friends

Also appearing in Journey to Big Water during the "Imaginary Friend" musical number are four other imaginary creatures. One is large, blue and purple with yellow spots and a purple frill, one is long, teal, and has several limbs, one is a purple biped with bright pink, Stegosaurus-like back plates, and the last is a yellow, long-legged winged creature.

Which imaginary friends correspond to who of the other four members of the main group is unknown.

Big Water imaginary creatures

Several imaginary creatures appear during the song Big Water in The Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island. The first creatures are a trio of glowing eyes hiding in some seaweed. Next, three imaginary creatures appear from behind a rock and advance towards Cera. During a series of verses explaining the various types of creatures that live in the water, various imaginary creatures appear, including a multi-eyed fish, a squishing fish, a squirting creature, an octopus-like creature, a giant-clawed, crab-like creature, a jellyfish-like creature, a sharp-toothed fish, and four other fish.

Adventuring imaginary creatures

Several imaginary creatures appear during the song Adventuring in The Land Before Time X: The Great Longneck Migration, including an imaginary bug described as "ugly, bugly," four insects described as having "ickly, tickly, prickly wings," a snake-like creature with a bident-like tail and huge teeth described as having "a front that bites" and "a back that stings," a crocodile-like creature described as having "sharply teeth, up above and underneath," and a centipede-like creature with a single eye described as having "one big googly-eye."

The Cave of Many Voices imaginary creatures

Five pairs of imaginary glowing eyes as well as a smaller, two-eyed version of the "googly-eyed" creature appear in the episode The Cave of Many Voices.

Great Sharptooth Flyer Grabber

A giant pterosaur resembling a Pteranodon appears in "The Spooky Nighttime Adventure" in Petrie's story.

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