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Dc card Ichthyostego
Ichthyostega (Greek: "fish roof") is an early tetrapod genus that lived at the end of the Upper Devonian period (Famennian age, 374 – 359 million years ago), in what is now eastern Greenland. It was one of the first tetrapods in the fossil record. Ichthyostega possessed lungs and limbs that helped it navigate through shallow water in swamps. Though undoubtedly of amphibian build and habit, it is not considered a true member of the group in the narrow sense, as the first true amphibians appeared in the Carboniferous period. Until finds of other early tetrapods and closely related fishes in the late 20th century, Ichthyostega stood alone as the transitional fossil between fish and tetrapods, combining a fishlike tail and gills with an amphibian skull and limbs.

In The Land Before Time

An Ichthyostega is shown in the introductory sequence of The Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great Giving. It was sighted as being one of the first examples of evolutionary change of the world during that time and is crawling onto land for the first time, leading the way for other evolving creatures that eventually gave rise to the world of the films. It is noticeable for being one of few creatures which are not displaced from its time period, as it is seen in what appears to be the Upper Devonian.

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