The song, "I Feel Mad" is sung by Cera in the episode called "The Great Log Running Game" as of two - footed dinosaurs like Ducky, Ruby and Chomper can easily run on a log except Petrie who only can fly his wings but not running in this game. Cera tried it many times as a four - footed dinosaur until she hurts one of her legs (the front one on the left) and she is angry about the game leaving four - footers like her, Littlefoot and Spike cannot do it also her father, Topsy doesn't care (as it was mentioned in the song) about this after Cera was given medical attention by her step mother, Tria.


Well, it's not fair
Try to prove my dad right
He doesn't care
Now I feel hurt on the inside
And the outside as well
Oh, well
Make's me wanna yell
Smash rocks and kick them
Step aside
Get outta my way, 'cause I'm angry
And it's something I can't hide
But after all
I kick and stomp and roar
It seems that I
I still feel
the way I did before
I still feel bad
I'm still mad
So what now?


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