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Hyp's Father
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Nicholas Guest

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The Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great Giving

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Hyp's Father is a Hypsilophodon, and the father of Hyp. He is the quaternary antagonist of The Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great Giving. He is usually grumpy and his treatment of Hyp is heavily implied to be the cause of Hyp's misbehavior. Despite this, he has a softer side, as he is more than willing to protect the dinosaur children from a Velociraptor pack and decides to be more gentle with Hyp.


For most of the movie, Hyp's Father is unseen, and only makes a major appearance near the end. However, from that appearance, it is rather obvious the reason Hyp has been treating the others poorly is due to his father treating him poorly. He is seen when Hyp knocks Nod into the water and splashed Daddy Topps, who thinks Littlefoot did it. He later apologizes to Littlefoot's grandparents over his son's misbehavior and leading Daddy Topps to insult Littlefoot.

Later in the film he has a much bigger role. When the adults find the children in the Mysterious Beyond, upon learning Hyp was the one who wandered off and the others had come to rescue him, he scolds him for it. Upon also learning Hyp has been bullying Littlefoot and the others, he respectfully leads them away from Hyp. Daddy Topps, hearing this, realizes it was Hyp who splahsed him and that yelling at their children causes them to act negatively to others, with he himself yelling at Cera. Upon telling her of this, Hyp's Father sees the error of his ways. However, a pack of Velociraptor then attack, and while the other adults fight them, Hyp's Father leads the kids to safety. However, the raptors, realizing they can't beat the adults go after the children. This results in a fight on a small cliff, and both the adults and the raptors fall.

Hyp's Father distracts the raptors when they wake up, and Hyp then comes and insults the raptors to get their attention. As the raptors chase Hyp, the adults wake up. Outnumbered, the raptors once again chase the children but the children bury them with rocks. They get out, and just as the raptors and adults are going to fight with even the children wanting to join, the rocks that had covered the water had been knocked off, causing it to wash away the raptors. After the water is returned, Hyp and his father reconcile.