PlatedSharptoothTurningToChomper This article is for a speculative species; a creature that has not been assigned to a taxon by any official media or material. This article may be deleted in the future for the sake of parsimony.

Hydrotherosaurus (meaning "water beast lizard") is an extinct genus of elasmosaurid plesiosaur from the Upper Cretaceous (Maastrichtian stage) of Fresno County, California, measuring up to 13 m in length. The species H. alexandrae was named for its discoverer, Annie Montague Alexander by Samuel Paul Welles.

Hydrotherosaurus In The Land Before Time

It is a type of Swimming Sharptooth, that appeared near the end of The Land Before Time IV: Journey Through the Mists. After Dil swatted Ichy away, with her tail, she swam off defiantly. However, then, she met the Hydrotherosaurus, which roared, and started to chase after her. She called for Ichy, to come and rescue her, but he didn't arrive (because he didn't or wouldn't hear Dil's cries for help). It is currently unknown, as to whether or not Dil (or Ichy, for that matter) survived, or if she got eaten, since her death was not shown on-screen and the villainous pair have not had any subsequent appearances, so far. It is one of the few Sharpteeth that didn't chase after the gang. Like most other Sharpteeth and other carnivorous animals in the The Land Before Time series, the Hydrotherosaurus was voiced by Frank Welker. It is also one of the few Sharpteeth who saved Littlefoot and his friends and didn't chase them.

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