"How Do You Know?" is the third song sung in The Land Before Time XIII: The Wisdom of Friends.


Sometimes you think you know what's right
Then somebody comes along
and they show you what you thought was right
might be a little bit wrong
Things can look so different
from someone else's side
You're half as smart as you thought you were
and the world seems twice as wide
How do you know who to listen to?
how do you know what to think?
When you see it through someone else's eyes
things can change in a blink
Do you hold onto the rules you've learned?
or do you let them go?
When everything's a muddle
how do you know?

Whenever me feel all fuzzed up
Me go and find me mummy
She always ask me what me feel
Way down deep in me tummy
She say if me listen hard
Me can hear a voice inside

But what if it's a grumpy voice?

It still can be your guide
That is how you know who to listen to each and every day

You can use your head and your tummy too
To help you find your way

Keep your eyes and ears open wide
And they'll show you where to go

If you trust your eyes

Trust your tummy

Trust yourself
That's how you know

Littlefoot and Cera
That's how you know
who to listen

(Petrie joins in and sings the next at the same time as Cera and Littlefoot are singing)

That how you know
who to listen to

(Ducky joins in and sings at the same time as the above)

That is how you know
who to listen to

Littlefoot, Cera, Petrie & Ducky together
That is how you know

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