"Hide My Stones" is a song from The Land Before Time TV series.


While Cera and Ruby are unsuccessfully trying to find any sky color stones (geodes) in the cave, Ducky has had much better luck; finding nearly a dozen. As she increases her collection, she becomes afraid that Cera and Ruby, upon finding out about her stash of stones, will covet them and take them for themselves. Ducky, being very proud of her large collection, and admiring their beautiful array of colors, decides to keep them hidden from the other girls.

The song, "Hide My Stones" is sung by Ducky in the episode Search for the Sky Color Stones as she wanted the small diamonds all to herself instead of Ruby and Cera which they failed to find it. 



I must try to hide
my sky color stones here
If I do not
Cera and Ruby will want them
They might take them all away from me
But these are mine
Nobody else's
That is why
I must keep them all a secret
so that no else will find my stone
But how they shine
Their colors all around
They look so fine from the ground
and all these stones mine




So I must try
to hide my
sky color stones


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