Hidden Runner
Hidden Runner





Green, w. blue and lighter green highlights

Eye color



Indeterminate maniraptoriform



Voice actor

Rob Paulsen

First appearance

"The Spooky Nighttime Adventure"

Last appearance

"The Spooky Nighttime Adventure"

Hidden Runner, voiced by Rob Paulsen, is a character whose only appearance, so far, has been in the TV series episode, "The Spooky Nighttime Adventure". He is, as his name implies, a Hidden Runner. He has the ability to blend in with his habitat due to his multi-colored markings, giving the impression that he can turn invisible. 

Hidden Runner was thought to eat meat, hence why he was feared. However, as he doesn't appear to be a Sharptooth, it seems more likely that he is herbivore or omnivore.


  • Hidden Runner is believed by some to be a Sinornithomimus, while others consider him to be a Troodon or an Ornithomimus.
  • However while in the cave the Hidden Runner's silhouette shows it with teeth and more or less even a Sharptooth-like appearance, this being an obvious animation error.
  • Though the character Hidden Runner was thought to be a deadly carnivore by the characters, he doesn't appear hostile, which is accurate, as most ornithomimids were almost certainly not predatory.
  • Because of its portrayal as being shy and its species possessing no teeth, it relatively the reason why the Hidden Runner is depicted harmless to the characters.
  • Unlike most of the dinosaurs in The Land Before Time, which sport relatively simple color pallets, the Hidden Runner is one of the most vibrantly colored characters in the franchise. Other dinosaurs and creatures designed with vibrant colored markings are the Archaeopteryx, Opthalmosaurus, and Gallimimus.


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