Life restorations of several hadrosaurids

Hadrosaurs were members of the family Hadrosauridae. They are also known as "duck-billed dinosaurs", after their beaks, which resemble that of a duck. There were two subfamilies: Saurolophinae and Lambeosaurinae. Saurolophines mainly had no crests, though some had bumps on their noses or small points. Lambeosaurines had large crests. All could walk on either to legs or four, though they were likely most comfortable on four.

The Land Before Time

Hadrosaurs vary in appearance and therefore have several descriptive terms based on their unique features. Saurolophus are known as Bigmouths; this term may extend to such hadrosaurs as Edmontosaurus andProsaurolophus, though this is uncertain. This name comes from their duck-like bill which were much larger than other Hadrosauridae dinosaurs'. "Swimmer" also refers to Saurolophus (and presumably all other hadrosaurs) due to the fact they live around water. This is not actually accurate, as it is based on theories that the crests were used as snorkels, and a set of footprints that appeared to have webbed toes - the crests of hadrosaurs were not at all used like snorkels, and current understanding of how hadrosaurs lived paints them as primarily terrestrial.

"Hollowhorn" refers to lambeosaurines, named after the hollow crests. "Duckbill" is a name used in a single scene in The Land Before Time V to describe a hadrosaur skeleton. Cera's father says that "everyone knows how stupid Duckbills are", which offends Ducky's mother. Curiously, this term references an animal that had not even evolved until most of the dinosaurs had been wiped out.

Species appearing in The Land Before Time


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