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Greererpeton ("amphibian from Greer") is an extinct genus of tetrapods from the Early Carboniferous period (late Viséan) of North America.

Greererpeton had an elongated body adapted for swimming, reaching up to 4.9 feet in length, including the tail. Its body had 40 vertebrae, twice the usual amount, and a flattened skull about 7.1 inches long. The limbs were short, and mainly used for steering, with the long tail providing the main propulsive force while swimming.

Some marks on the side of the skull indicate that Greererpeton had a lateral line, a sensory organ commonly found only in fish. Its ears were also poorly developed. Taken together, these are indications that Greererpeton was a primitive amphibian that had an almost wholly aquatic existence, rarely, if ever, venturing onto dry land.

Greererpeton was a carnivore and probably lived in rivers and swamps.

In The Land Before Time

LBT Greererpeton
A Greererpeton was seen in The Land Before Time IV: Journey Through the Mists, where it is seen crawling over Cera's foot.
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