"Run away quickly before spikes and horns grow on you."

— Graynose urges Ducky to abandon her friends
Graynose is a character who was slated to appear in the original The Land Before Time, but was cut from the film during development. He was a "Bigmouth"; a term used in the script to describe Ducky's species (referred to as Anatosaurus in the script).

He appears in a cut scene in which Littlefoot and his friends find an oasis, guarding a pool of water and keeping a group of crownheads, led by an individual named Clifford, and all of the children but Ducky from drinking.


  • In The Land Before Time: The Illustrated Story, the term "grey-nose" is used in a scene as a term for Saurolophus.[1] The usage of "grey-nose" as a term for Saurolophus in the story may have been the result of the author, Jim Razzi, misinterpreting Graynose's name as a term for his species.


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