"Grandpa and Me" is a "FunShaped Board Book" in the Land Before Time series. It was written by Ellen Titlebaum and illustrated by Beverly Lazor-Bahr. It is a book meant for young children that consists of short sentences and large pictures.

Plot Summary

The book doesn't have much of a real plot, but features Littlefoot talking about what his grandfather does for him. It follows a set formula for every two pages; Littlefoot is the narrator, and says "Someday I'll [thing he'll do when he gets older]. But for now, Grandpa [thing Grandpa does for him]." The sections consists of the following:

1. Littlefoot says someday he'll reach the highest branch, but for now his grandpa gets his tree stars.
2. Littlefoot says he'll someday cross the Great River in a few steps, but for now his grandpa carries him to the other side.
3. He says someday he'll scare Sharptooth away, but for now his grandpa protects him.
4. Littlefoot says someday he'll know many things, but for now his grandpa teaches him.
5. He says someday he'll give the best hugs ever, but for now his grandpa does!


  • Grandpa Longneck's eyes are light teal in this book instead of red like they are in the films.
  • The mention of Sharptooth indicates this book takes place before Littlefoot reaches the Great Valley, but other parts of the book indicate it takes place after.
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