"Grandma's Lullaby" is a song from The Land Before Time IV: Journey Through the Mists. It is sung by Grandma Longneck while she is escorting her grandson, Littlefoot, to bed, after he has expressed concern about his ill grandfather. The song received considerable criticism for its description of "The Circle of Life", which is believed to draw parallels to the same concept, in The Lion King. (although "The Circle of Life" was mentioned in the first film by Rooter, before The Lion King even existed.)


After Grandpa Longneck has fallen ill in Journey Through the Mists, his wife and grandson both become worried for him. The Old One has said that the only thing that will cure his illness is the Night Flower, but the flower only grows in the Land of Mists, and she tells Grandma Longneck and Littlefoot that it is too dangerous to risk. Littlefoot is upset about this, but Grandma Longneck assures him that it's all part of the Circle of Life. She then sings to him about how life continues onward, no matter what happens, and how it benefits to everyone.

The song, 'Grandma's Lullaby' is sung by Grandma Longneck in the Land Before Time film, Journey Through the Mists which she escorts Littlefoot to bed after Grandpa Longneck who has fallen ill to get a Night flower in the Land of Mists but it is a dangerous mission to do it.


Grandma Longneck

The circle of life
Is simple yet profound
A quite straight forward line
That goes around and round and round

It starts at the beginning
And it will never end
And that to me
Must surely be
Life's secret, my friend

For the circle of life
Continues every day
None of us can stop it

From going on its way

With each new generation
One more circle is complete

On and on and on
It goes repeating

It nurtures the young
Until they're fully grown
And soon life's magic circle
Brings them children of their own

The family of nature
Each husband and wife
Enhances the circle
The ever-winding circle
The wonderful circle of life
Good night, my little one.


Richard Scheib, on the Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy Film Review Database believed this song copies The Lion King, which was released in 1994 (two years before The Land Before Time IV: Journey Through the Mists's release), with the concept of "The Circle of Life".[1] Michael Scheinfeld on Disney, in his review on all the Land Before Time movie series (in 2007), also criticized the song, and said that it was a "blatant attempt to conjure up memories" of that film. He, however, got the name of the song incorrect; calling it "The Circle of Life" instead of "Grandma's Lullaby".[2]

Furthermore, the term Circle of Life was used by Rooter in the original Land Before Time in 1988, 6 years before The Lion King came out and was repeated by Littlefoot in 1994 in Great Valley Adventure, the same year that the Lion King came out.

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