Fast Biters (The Stone of Cold Fire)

A pack of three Sharpteeth (or Fast Biters, per the television series) appear in a flashback in The Land Before Time VII: The Stone of Cold Fire. They are the only Sharpteeth that appear in the film, making them them one of the only sharpteeth in the films to not attack the main characters.


The Sharpteeth appear in Grandpa Longneck's story about why Pterano left the herd. When Pterano leads a fraction of the herd he convinced to follow him, they reach a dead end and are attacked by the raptors who descend from the hills. The herd are surrounded, and some of the herd fights back; one headbutts and lifts one of the raptors into the air.

Pterano is the only one able to stay out of harm's reach due to his ability to fly. Although some of the herd continues to fight back, it is implied that they are all killed, as none of them are ever seen again.


  • It is possible that all of the members of the pack are relatives to one another.
  • They are the first of many Deinonychus to appear in the franchise, though they bear a color scheme that has not been seen in any fast biters since and make different sounds; they are light gray with brown stripes, with a dark facial blotch and orange eyes. Later Deinonychus come in more pastel colors, lack any facial markings and are usually depicted with either red or yellow eyes and have different sounds.
  • Their color schemes are similar to Ozzy's.
  • They are remembered by some fans as the third most dangerous sharpteeth in the series after the Plated Sharptooth and the Sharptooth from the first film.
  • They are the first Fast Biters to have the inaccurate two-fingered hands.



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