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Fantasy Sharpteeth (The Brave Longneck Scheme)
Sharpteeth (Rhett's Story)
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Cloudy brown

Eye color



Tyrannosaurus [2]



Voice actor

Pete Sepenuk
Recycled sound effects from the Jurassic Park T. rex

First appearance

"The Brave Longneck Scheme"

Last appearance

"The Brave Longneck Scheme"


Rhett taunting the Sharpteeth whom cannot climb his mountain of rocks to reach him

A pair of Sharptooth appear in fake stories during The Land Before Time television series episode "The Brave Longneck Scheme" told by Rhett to Littlefoot and Cera.


The sharpteeth first appear at the beginning of Rhett's story. They encounter his Longneck herd and move in, but are stopped by Rhett. He uses pebbles to fight them off by launching them at the face of the sharpteeth. Eventually they back down and run away, saving the herd. They appear next in the following story, and this time they are shown to be chasing the herd through a redwood forest. Rhett again stops them, and uses his tail to chop down the huge trees. This blocks the sharpteeth's paths off, and once again the Longneck herd is safe from them.

The final story is a short one, where Rhett brags to Littlefoot and Cera that he once built a mountain of rocks to stop the sharpteeth from getting up after him. One of them is shown trying to climb the rocks, but slips and falls to the bottom while Rhett tells them they won't be getting any food.


  • Since Rhett's stories are proven to be a fabrication, it is unknown if these two Sharpteeth are real or not, or if they ever encountered Rhett's herd in real life. If they were real, they were most likely fended off by the other members of Rhett's herd, or halted by the environment, as opposed to being fended off by Rhett.
  • These sharpteeth look very similar to the Orange-Brown Sharptooth from The Land Before Time X: The Great Longneck Migration in terms of color.



  1. Rhett calls them 'he's'.
  2. Sharpteeth Trex The Brave Longneck Scheme.png

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