"Family" is a song from The Land Before Time VIII: The Big Freeze, sung by Ducky, her mother, Littlefoot, Cera, and Petrie after Spike leaves the Great Valley with Tippy's herd.


After Spike spends most of his time with the visiting Spiketail herd in the Great Valley, the herd grows very fond of him, particularly the little boy Tippy and his mother. When the cold time (winter) arrives, and causes most of the vegetation in the valley to die off, the Spiketails offer to leave, as they consume more food than most of the other dinosaurs. Tippy's mother makes a proposition to Ducky's mother; have Spike join the herd for the remainder of the cold time. Not wanting to be separated from her adopted son, but still wondering if it's what would be best for him, she finally decides to let him make the choice.

Spike has difficulty deciding between his new friends and his family, and thus Ducky, in frustration, pushes him to leave. As Spike and the herd make off, Ducky feels regretful for her actions, and confused that Spike would submit to her outburst and leaves. She then questions what the essence of a family is; perhaps a group of similar people who get along well and live together. Her mother then sings to her the belief that a family is a group of people who love each other.

As Ducky and the other main characters puzzle over the ups and downs one may feel with members of their family, or their close friends, Mama Swimmer tells them that the mutual love of a family helps conflicting people to rise above their differences and forgive each other. Ducky finally understands that no matter what Spike does, or wherever he is, as long as she loves him and he loves her, they are family.


What is a family anyway?

Is it someone who looks
like us?
Is it someone who acts
like us?
Is it someone who sleeps beside us
In a nest?

Is it someone who speaks
like us?
Has a tail or a beak
like us?
Or is it someone that
we like the best?

Ducky's Mother
I think family, family
is more then being friends
When you're family, family
The loving never ends

I can't believe Spike is really leaving.

Maybe he wants to go with them!
After all, we're not his family.

He doesn't look
like us
He doesn't eat
like us

Yes, but he still likes
to play
The way we do

Hm, he doesn't walk
like us
He doesn't talk...
at all!

But just think
of all the things
that we've been through

(NOTE: The following lyrics in bold were supposedly cut-out lyrics that were included when this song was featured on the "Best Songs from The Land Before Time" compilation album. The lyrics were presumably cut from the final film, mostly likely due to either time constraints or being unable to fit the verse into the final song.)

All the happy times and stormy weather

And all the scary places that we've been

The times that we've been lost and found together

He's different on the outside

Cera, Littlefoot & Petrie
But he's like us on the in

Cera & Littlefoot
He's family, family
Though he may go away
He has always been our family

And family he'll stay

I guess someone
that you like
Can make you angry

Ducky's Mother
That's something
that we have to rise above

Cera, Littlefoot, & Petrie
Though families
are different
One thing stays the same

Ducky's Mother
At the heart of every family
Is love

And a family, a family
is something strong and fine
He will always be
part of his family

And he will always be
A very, very big part
of my...


  • When Littlefoot says "But just think of all the things that we've been through", a flashback of the scene in The Stone of Cold Fire where the characters cling onto the falling vine is shown.

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