The Song's aim

The song, "Everything Will Be Okay" is sung by Chomper and Ducky in the ninth episode called "Escape from the Mysterious Beyond" after an Earthshake occurs and separates a small island (That Chomper, Ducky and Thud are on) while Ruby, Littlefoot, Red Claw, Screech, Cera, Petrie and Spike are on the other side as Red Claw and Screech got away and this is the only episode that subtitles are used to help Chomper speak in Sharptooth language to Thud who had his tail stuck by smaller or medium rocks after the quake happened.



Just hold on tight
It will be all right


What if we are stuck here all night?
That nasty Thud gave me a fright
And he is much too big to fight


Ducky, don't be afraid
I'm sure our friends are on the way
Stay close to me, and you will see
Everything will be okay


We will be okay

"Everything will be okay" on YouTube

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