Send her away "Send it away
Don't let it stay
that Eudimorphodon

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Eudimorphodon was a pterosaur that lived in the Late Triassic times, about 220 million years ago, in what is now Northern Italy. Its name means "true two-formed tooth" because it had two kinds or shapes of teeth. There were sharp fangs at the front of its jaws and smaller teeth, each with three or five cusps (points), at the back. Eudimorphodon is also known for its advanced fishing method known as the "diving theory". The diving theory suggested that eudimorphodon caught its food (fish) by plunging like an arrow into the water. It scooped the prey up into its mouth, as gannets do today. This method requires good eyesight to see under the surface of the ocean, and very strong flight muscles to propel itself out of the water and rise back into the air.

In The Land Before Time

A Eudimorphodon appears in The Land Before Time, where it is seen during the stampede.
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