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"Eggs" is the second song of The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure, and it focuses greatly on the sly and sneaky nature of Ozzy and his love for eggs, as well as Strut's vegetarian traits and his desire to eat leaves. It is the first song to be sung by villains of the Land Before Time franchise.

Ozzy & Strut

Ozzy the Struthiomimus singing "Eggs".


Ozzy: When I wake up, first thing I do...

Eggs to look around for something to chew


Feeding myself is very, very tricky
because you see, I'm ridiculously picky


Strut: Excuse me, Ozzy, I-

Ozzy:This Struthiomimus won't settle for the dregs
I'll borrow; I'll beg
I'll even kiss you

Strut: Kiss me?

Ozzy: For my dear beloved dose... of eggs

Strut: Hurry, Ozzy, I'm so hungry. I can't wait for another minute
Here's a juicy little leaf with a beautiful stick in it
Can't I have a taste... if I promise just to lick it?

Ozzy: Strut!

Strut What?

Ozzy: You imbecilic eater. Great, green globs couldn't possibly be sweeter than a pile of eggs
You've got to smell them; feel them, crack them open for a great big nest full I am hoping

Strut: I'm starving!; I'm weak! There's nothing in my tummy.
Why the mold on that tree is starting to look yummy

Ozzy: The colors and shapes and assorted sizes.
Gobble them all for appetizers.


Strut: Ozzy, what's the matter with a little vegetation?
Ozzy: I've had it up to here with this aggrevation!

Strut: Can't I have this piece of a tree?

Ozzy: Why can't you be more like me? You leaf-loving,...

Strut: Hey!

Ozzy: ...bush-burping, stem-smelling, garden-gorging,...

Strut: Wait a minute!

Ozzy: Plant-popping, tree-tasting, dirt-devouring beast!

Strut: Ozzy!

Ozzy: You've got to have eggs, thrice a day at least.


  • This song is notable as being the only occurrence of mentioning the actual name of a species, which in this case is Ozzy and Strut's (Struthiomimus).
  • After years; the song has held up much recognition and popularity; as of today the song "Eggs" has been used by fans as a cult reference and meme; this specifically being using a clip or image of Ozzy's close-up the moment he says "Eggs". It has even been used on TheGamingBeaver's YouTube channel in some videos.[1]
    • "Eggs" has become so widely popular amongst The Land Before Time fans it has earned several parodies on YouTube. One of the most recognizable parodies, was rough sketch animation with the song being used while Madagascar characters, Kowalski and Private portray Ozzy and Strut respectively; this relates well to the characters as Jeff Bennett voiced both Ozzy and Kowalski and used the same voice; while Private and Strut have both British accents and share similar characteristics.


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