Ducky and Spike's father is a minor character in The Land Before Time movie series. He is the mate of Mama Swimmer, the biological father of Ducky and many other swimmers, and the adoptive father of Spike.

He first appeared in The Land Before Time eating marsh plants while watching his wife lay next to their eggs which hatch. He doesn't appear again until the end of the film showing that he and Mama Swimmer and the other 6 little swimmers have made it safely to the Great Valley and when his daughter brings Spike and introduces him to the little ones as their new sibling he welcomes his new adopted son into the family.


Like his mate and biological children, Ducky and Spike's father is a hadrosaur (or duck-billed dinosaur), very physically similar to Saurolophus. In his initial appearance in The Land Before Time, he is a shade of blue, while in II he is identical in color to his mate. In V, he is dull green with a dark orange underbelly.


He makes a cameo in The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure in which he is seen laying next to Mama Swimmer in their nest at night. He was last seen in The Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island standing next to Mama Swimmer at the new place the Herd found to live at until the Great Valley gets green again and when the children arrive there on Elsie he goes with his wife to greet Ducky and Spike and in the end he waves goodbye to Elsie. He isn't seen throughout the rest of the movie series after this.


  • It is believed by some fans that the reason he has such a minor role in the movies, unlike his more prominent wife, is because that the original voice actress for Ducky in The Land Before Time, Judith Barsi, was murdered by her own father before the movie was released.


  1. The Land Before Time May 11, 1987 script excerpt:
    "A single egg, rocks and bounces; a tail breaks through the shell, then a head. It is a tiny, female Anatosaurus (DUCKY)."
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  3. Ducky Is a Saurolophus
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