"Do Anything" is a song from The Land Before Time television series episode, "The Great Log-Running Game." Most of the song is sung by Cera's Dad to encourage his daughter that she can do anything because she is a Threehorn.


When Tria, a Triceratops sees some tree-sweets in a tree, she comments that she can't wait for them to fall down. Topps, her husband, knocks them down from the tree for her, while some splatter all over his face. He remarks that he can knock them down because Threehorns can do anything. A short while later his daughter, Cera, ponders over whether Threehorns really can do anything. He insists to her that they can, but she isn't convinced. This leads to him singing the song. In the song he explains to her that "Threehorns are the best among the crowd" and can do anything they set their minds to. He demonstrates to her by knocking down a tree, crushing a large rock, and roaring. He then invites her to sing and, convinced of her father's teachings, Cera sings the last verse along with him.


You're a Three-horn, so be proud
We're the best among the crowd
And you know that we can do


What we set our minds to
Do anything
Listen while I sing
You can do anything
if you just watch me
you will agree
Trees are no match for my leg
Watch this rock crack like an egg
My horns slice, and, yes, there's more

I can really roar
Do anything
Come and join me,

Cera and Topps
We can do anything
Three-horns are the best
Put us to the test
We'll do anything

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