Ducky notices something the sequel animators didnt "You are a Spiketail, so we will call you 'Spike'."
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The Elders

The Circle of Elders are the dinosaurs who are the decision makers of the Great Valley. The members are Grandpa Longneck, Grandma Longneck, Daddy Topps, Mama Flyer and Mama Swimmer.

Grandpa Longneck, as the apparent leader of the Elders, has many roles which include:

  • Passing judgement on criminals, which he is shown doing in The Land Before Time VII: The Stone of Cold Fire. He is the one who decides that Pterano shall, instead of his original punishment, be banished to the Mysterious Beyond for a reduced period of five cold times (or winters) on account that Pterano helped to save the children from the erupting volcano, Threehorn Peak, and to bring them back to the Valley.
  • Deciding a course of action for the herds of the Valley; seen in The Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island, when he points out the skeleton of a Saurolophus. He mentions that it was heading away from the direction the Great Valley residents are heading in after a swarm of Leaf Gobblers (locusts) devoured all the green food in the Great Valley. The Saurolophus, (or "duckbill", as referred to by the Land Before Time characters) starved to death, so Grandpa Longneck deduces that there is no food in the direction they're heading, and suggests that they alter course.
  • Managing natural resources such as water; also seen in the fifth film.


  • Mr. Thicknose could be an Elder because he is the eldest in the Valley and he also educates the young children of the Valley.
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