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Camptosaurus is an ornithopod dinosaur from North America that lived during the Late Jurassic period

First discovered in 1877, there have been more than 20 skulls and 12 skeletons found to date of this dinosaur. This leads scientists to think of it as a fairly common plant-eater of the last part of the Jurassic and the first part of the Cretaceous. It belongs to the same family as Iguanodon, although it was an earlier dinosaur.

There is ongoing debate regarding the various specimens currently attributed to the genus Camptosaurus. Some scientists believe that a number of the species should be renamed after the type specimen and that their differences are simply individual variation. There have been a number of dinosaurs that were originally classified as Camptosaurus, including an Allosaurus.

In The Land Before Time

A Camptosaurus briefly appears in the introduction sequence to The Land Before Time VIII: The Big Freeze, where it is attacked by a Tyrannosaurus. However, it jumps underwater and swims away, while the Tyrannosaurus heads back to land. Another Camptosaurus can be seen in the background of the scene in the same film where the dinosaurs are meeting about the snow.

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