Browridge Sharptooth (The Secret of Saurus Rock)
Ducky notices something the sequel animators didnt "You are a Spiketail, so we will call you 'Spike'."
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Browridge Sharptooth






Eye color



Allosaurus (final film)
Ceratosaurus (first draft)



Voice actor

Danny Mann[2]
Frank Welker (stock sounds only)

First appearance

The Land Before Time VI: The Secret of Saurus Rock

Last appearance

The Lone Dinosaur Returns (appears in a flashback)

"Yuck, it spat on me!"
"It pick its teeth with you if you no hurry!"

— Cera and Petrie

A "Browridge Sharptooth" appears in The Land Before Time VI: The Secret of Saurus Rock as the main antagonist of the film. He is an Allosaurus, as revealed by the end credits of the movie, and is voiced by Danny Mann, but also uses some stock vocals effects preformed by Frank Welker. Although he only physically appears in The Secret of Saurus Rock, he is shown in a flashback in the Land Before Time TV series.


The Secret of Saurus Rock

When Threehorn twins - Dinah and Dana - are playing on their way to Saurus Rock, they do not know they are being followed by the theropod. Before he can catch them he accidentally gets his head stuck in a redwood tree.

Later, he is encountered by Littlefoot, Ducky, Petrie, Cera, and Spike while they are traveling to get the twins back from the monolith. They mistake it for a tree trunk at first, but soon realize that it is the Sharptooth's foot, and run away as he escapes from the tree. He yet again fails when he gets his head stuck between two more trees.

After retrieving Dinah and Dana, during their journey back home he is encountered once again. The Allosaurus quietly sneaks behind Cera, and though her friends try to warn her, she believes they are playing a joke on her. Once the Sharptooth drools on her head, Cera realizes that he's really there, and she and her friends run for safety. The children hide in a rotting log, which the Allosaurus grabs in his jaws and throws towards a ravine that they had crossed earlier, where it becomes lodged between each side like a bridge.

Although Cera briefly gets stuck trying to get out of a hole on the log, the children, save for Spike, manage to get to the other side, while their pursuer attempts to cross the unstable log after them. Spike remains stuck in the log, but while the Sharptooth tries to devour Spike, Littlefoot and Petrie free him. As Spike pops out, the Sharptooth bites into the log causing it to break, sending him falling into the canyon below.

Later, when Littlefoot attempts to retrieve a tooth from the apparently dead Allosaurus (so as to repair the damage done to Saurus Rock), he is shown to have survived, and chases after the young Longneck.

Littlefoot manages to escape the Sharptooth by getting though a hole in a rock wall. While the Sharptooth tries to break though the wall, Littlefoot runs into another Sharptooth, which is a Tyrannosaurus. Meanwhile, as the Allosaurus breaks through the wall, Grandpa Longneck shows up to protect Littlefoot and knocks the Tyrannosaurus to the ground. The Allosaurus, who has now broken through the wall, distracts Grandpa Longneck long enough for the other Sharptooth to kick him to the ground. Before the Sharpteeth can finish him off though, Doc appears and pulls the Browridge Sharptooth to the ground. The Canyon Sharptooth turns to him, but is knocked away by Littlefoot's grandfather, who stands himself up again. When the Sharpteeth both recover and charge at the two Longnecks, they move out of the way causing the Sharpteeth to crash into a rock spire. As the carnivores are down, the Longnecks pull both sides of the spire with their tails, causing it to break and crumble down, presumably crushing the two carnivores to death.

The Lone Dinosaur Resturns

Allosaurus The Lone Dinosaur Returns

The Allosaurus, as it appears in "The Lone Dinosaur Returns"

In the television series episode, "The Lone Dinosaur Returns", the Allosaurus appears in Littlefoot's story flashback when he is explaining to Ruby and Chomper what happened in the fight. The flashback isn't exactly the same as what happened in the film, as it is only a quick summarization. Strangely, the Allosaurus partner is shown as another, darker Allosaurus, instead of a green Tyrannosaurus. That Canyon Sharptooth takes the place of it and itself until the lighter brown one shows up to surround Grandpa.

The light brown Allosaurus also appears in The Legend of the Lone Dinosaur reprise in the episode, and attacks Doc in a fictional scene. He is soon knocked away by the longneck with his tail, however. He makes no further appearances afterwards.


Many fans were pleased to see the introduction of an Allosaurus to the franchise, but disliked that the sharptooth did not have the three-fingered hands like the real dinosaur had.


  • Despite being an Allosaurus, he is only shown with two fingers while the actual dinosaur had three. Despite this, he was shown with the accurate amount of fingers just as he is approaching the log that the gang is hiding in (just before he looks into the limb and sees Ducky poke out of it).
  • He is the only antagonistic sharptooth to be confirmed to appear in both one of the films and an episode of the TV series.
  • The Allosaurus is the second sharptooth to attack one of the main characters from behind. The Plated Sharptooth from The Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island was the first and the Mountain Sharptooth from The Land Before Time VIII: The Big Freeze was the third.
  • The Allosaurus also has the title of most attacks on the main characters in the films. He attacks the main characters a total of four times, beating the original Sharptooth, who has three.
  • The theme that plays when the Allosaurus attacks the gang both times in the Redwood Forest plays the 02:50 - 03:40 bit from The Rescue/Discovery of the Great Valley track from the first film, but the first time is an edited version recomposed by Michael Tavera.
  • The Allosaurus and the sharptooth flyer from V have very similar color schemes.



  1. The sharptooth is referred to with male pronouns multiple times by the characters
  2. Allosaurus in Credits

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