• Dianecat98

    So here is something I thought of. As Littlefoot is the one of the five main dinosaurs that keeps on changing voice actors mainly since all of his voice actors are boy kids and many of them hitted puberty which is why Littlefoot's voice actor keeps changing. But what if Littlefoot was voiced by a grown up girl? If he was, what grown up girl would have voiced Littlefoot instead of being voiced by a young boy kid?

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  • Nate56mate

    The Land Before Time Evolution is a Tycoon Game Centered On Building A Ecosystem With Land Before Time Species, It Is Being Developed By Frontier Games

    • Apatosaurus ajax (Longneck) (Announced in First Trailer)
    • Triceratops horridus (Threehorn) (Announced in First Trailer)
    • Parasaurolophus walkeri (Swimmer) (Announced in First Trailer)
    • Stegosaurus stenops (Spiketail) (Announced in First Trailer)
    • Pteranodon longiceps (Flyer) (Announced in First Trailer)
    • Tyrannosaurus rex (Sharptooth) (Announced in First Trailer)
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  • NanoLancensis

    Based off of Nate's blog post (here). Only listing sharpteeth that have some decent amount of interaction with characters; the Utahraptor that just run past Chomper in TLJ and the T. rex that roars in II's intro are not present.

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  • Nate56mate

    Note All of These Are Only For April Fools Day and Will Be Reverted When It Ends

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  • Nate56mate
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  • NanoLancensis

    The title should give you a good enough idea of what this is supposed to be. Classifications used are the classifications provided in the script. " " denotes terms that are only used by Ducky, and may not be widely accepted terms among the dinosaurs.

    • Anatosaurus - Big-mouth, Duckbill, Swimmer
    • Apatosaurus - Flathead*, Long-neck
    • Carnivore - Sharptooth
    • Frog - Hopper
    • Herbivore - Leaf-eater
    • Pachycephalosaurus - Crown-head, Scaley-skin*
    • Pterodactyl - Flyer
    • Stegosaurus - Spike-tail
    • Triceratops - Three-horn
    • Tyrannosaurus - Sharptooth
    • Diplodocus, dragonflies, Iguanodon, Ornithomimus, pike, salamander, and a "spiked, turtle-like dino" appear in the film and/or in the script, but are not given type designations.

    • Earthquake - Earthshake**
    • Plant matter - Green-food
    • "Large,…

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  • NanoLancensis

    the return

    March 26, 2018 by NanoLancensis

    Not going to beat around the bush here, I'm too attached to this wiki to be able to leave for the time being; even if my interest in the series has plummeted, I have a bit of a fear of this wiki going up in flames if I'm absent for far too long.

    With this in mind, consider me back.

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  • DaughterClaire1


    March 25, 2018 by DaughterClaire1
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  • NanoLancensis

    A very short poll for sorting out a mess caused by Utahraptor winning the encore poll's section on these guys' species.

    This change leaves Screech and Thud, as well as the other fastbiters that were under the Utahraptor umbrella before now, out of a species, given how physically different they are from the above raptors; with this in mind, let's give them a new home.

    Poll will end in the morning of 3/22/2018. The results of this poll and the previous poll will be enacted once this poll ends.

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  • NanoLancensis

    A small-ish poll that will be talled on the 21st, includes creatures that I forgot/intentionally left out of the original poll. Not many options, only listing contested (and not-so-contested) classifications that aren't obviously one thing (looking at you, Hidden Runner). Later-sequel sauropod species are also exempt because I hate sauropod classification.

    On a side note, I'm expecting all of these to be extremely lopsided in the directions they're currently facing. Not that I'm complaining.

    (to my knowledge, the only classification here that is actually contested as of writing)

    Results will be tallied on the 21st, seeing as that's when I plan to hit the road again.

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  • NanoLancensis

    A version of the species list that has official species identifications and identifications for uncertain species that I think (and in a few cases fear) may be official; please don't hurt me over this.

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  • NanoLancensis

    in light of Liopleurodons' block expiring; I think everyone here would need all the help they could get if the worst case scenario ends up happening.

    You can thank Nate notifying me about Ibarber on the Lion Guard wiki for getting me to drag my rear back over here. Going to be here for until the 22nd, will try to be reasonably active before hitting the road again.

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  • Superjakob
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  • Logo8th

    Herbivore Polls

    February 22, 2018 by Logo8th

    These two polls are for a pair of herbivores seen in the franchise whose classifications have been under contention. Here are the polls.

    The debate over this sauropod's classification has been raging for a while. Some think it's a Cetiosaurus, some a Lourinhasaurus, and some a Camarasaurus. What does the wikia think?

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  • Nate56mate

    A Poll For The Remaining Post Art Shift Tyrannosaurus, Currently Identified As Albertosaurus

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  • Nate56mate

    VI Allosaur Poll

    February 13, 2018 by Nate56mate
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  • Nate56mate

    My LBT Canon

    February 13, 2018 by Nate56mate

    Inspired By Peenut's Canon

    The Series Take Place In The Fictional World Of "Terra Reptilium" (Latin for Reptile Country), Where Everything Can Talk In Langauges 

    The North and North-West Are Purely Deserts With A Couple Of Small Forests Scattered Around

    The North-East Is Mostly Underwater With A Couple Of Desert Islands Populated By Small Lizard Like Creatures That Can Live On Both Sea and Land

    The East Is A Lush Rainforest

    The West and South-East Are Flat Plains

    The South and South-West Are Forests 

    The Center Is The Great Valley

    Bronson "Littlefoot" Sauropodis II is The Main Protagonist Of The Series, A Young Optimistic Longneck Who Lost His Mother To A Evil Monster Of A Tyrannosaurus, He Meets 4 Friends and Adventures Around The Land

    Cerice "Cer…

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  • MongooseLover

    My Art

    February 13, 2018 by MongooseLover
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  • Nate56mate

    All LBT Type Names

    February 12, 2018 by Nate56mate

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  • Nate56mate

    XIV Rex Poll

    February 11, 2018 by Nate56mate
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  • Hypnobrai

    Red Claw Poll

    February 11, 2018 by Hypnobrai

    Recently we nixed the T. rex classification for post-VII tyrannosaurs, but there are some of us who don't want all of them to be Albertosaurus (like me) so let's do a poll.

    Poll wraps up next Sunday.

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  • Nate56mate
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  • Hypnobrai

    Poll will be tallied on Sunday tomorrow.

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  • NanoLancensis

    This meticulously crafted and wildly aesthetically pleasing collage depicts all of the sauropods from I - XIV that I find to be representative of specific genera (or species, in the case of the "lazy apatos").

    I don't think this requires too much explaining. Image is gigantic, sorry.

    UPDATE: TV series version, almost certainly missing a bunch of color morphs.

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  • Hypnobrai

    Pelorosaurus Poll

    February 9, 2018 by Hypnobrai
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  • NanoLancensis

    Considering that nobody has responded to my request for someone to bring up a piece of official media referring to Pachycephalosaurus as a "domehead", I've decided that it is about time to make all of the non-Stegoceras pachycephalosaurs "boneheads", in reference to the name given to them in XI.

    However, before I do anything (all I've done is reworded the domehead page slightly and renamed the XI/Forbidden Friendship pachycephalosaur to "Female Bonehead"), I feel I should probably do a short poll to decide whether or not this should be done.

    Poll will be tallied tomorrow (I'll be gone a week from now), kept "lizardhead" and "crownhead" (my preferred term) off of the poll for simplicity's sake.

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  • Logo8th

    VII Ceratopsid Poll

    February 7, 2018 by Logo8th

    Hypno asked me to make a poll on the identity of this ceratopsid sleeping next to Daddy Topps in . What does the wikia think this ceratopsid is?

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  • Nate56mate

    New Infobox Test

    February 6, 2018 by Nate56mate
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  • NanoLancensis

    I know I said no more polls for the week I get ready to leave in my goodbye blog post, but... well...

    ...yeah, one more poll. Same rules as the ornithomimid and now-deceased dromaeosaur polls apply here; don't abuse multiple accounts to push the polls in the direction you want them to go and vote reasonably seriously.

    And, before you ask, yes, the post-X raptors are going to be on this; and I'm not voting for Velociraptor. But, before anything:

    If you feel I missed anything, feel free to say something.

    As stated, results will be tallied on the eleventh; a day before I leave so I can have time to make changes.

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  • NanoLancensis

    Going to try to get some stuff that I've been planning to do out of the way before the 12th arrives.

    Among the things, something I've had in mind since really late 2017:

    • What could be interpreted as an older child appears in a Land Before Time video game, though it is exempt from the list because it is from a video game and not a movie, television episode or animated commercial.
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  • NanoLancensis

    Oh dear

    February 5, 2018 by NanoLancensis

    I'm going to cut to the chase; my interest in the series is waning, and I don't think I'm going to be active here for much longer.

    To be frank, ignoring the series' dinosaur focus (which has started to lose its novelty) appealing to me on some level, I don't know why I'm here to begin with; the franchise has never been very important to me, the only movie I think is objectively good is the first one, and I don't have any idea why me stumbling upon a Wikipedia article saying something about Journey of the Brave back in February of 2015 managed to get me so into a franchise I had so little history with.

    Three years after randomly deciding to look into the series, the glow has worn off substantially; it's hard for me to describe my exact feelings…

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  • Nate56mate

    Rainbowbiter Poll

    February 5, 2018 by Nate56mate
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  • Nate56mate

    Nothosaurus Poll

    February 5, 2018 by Nate56mate
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  • Hypnobrai

    Personal species list, Peenut, Lio, Disney and Nate made ones too so why not? I don't have to follow official classifications if I don't want to. Used Peenut's list as a template for now, don't want to spend four hours on this.

    Superbowl LII is on, but whatever. To be updated, probably. Give me your thoughts and tell me if I missed any important species.

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  • NanoLancensis

    (POLL) Petrie species

    February 4, 2018 by NanoLancensis

    NOTE: POLL HAS BEEN MOVED TO User blog:Peenut2k7/(POLL) The Grandest Of All Finales: Death of the Author, PLEASE VOTE THERE INSTEAD OF HERE

    Well, I never thought I'd have to do this...!

    Anyway, though most of us think that Petrie is a Pteranodon, readily available official pieces of material (DVDs for the series) identify him as Pterodactylus; specifically Pterodactylus elegans, which is now regarded as a species within Ctenochasma and not Pterodactylus. However, there are also materials available that classify him as Pteranodon; namely the Universal Kids website.

    With all of this in mind

    Poll will wrap up on the 10th.

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  • Nate56mate

    Due To A Thing Peenut Said Labeld Petrie's Species As Pterodactylus elegans, i'm holding a poll

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  • Nate56mate
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  • Nate56mate
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  • The Land Before Time Nerd
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  • Nate56mate

    Swooper Poll

    February 2, 2018 by Nate56mate
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  • Logo8th

    Disputed Lizard Polls

    January 31, 2018 by Logo8th

    DISCLAIMER: I know that some of these may or may not be lizards. I just thought the blog title sounded cool.

    There are a few lizard-like creatures on this wikia who, in my opinion, have been wrongly classified. Here are three of them for you to decide.

    This lizard-like creature is currently identified on this wikia as an Othnelia, but it doesn't even look remotely dinosaurian. What does the wikia think?

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  • Nate56mate

    Lazy Brachio Poll

    January 28, 2018 by Nate56mate
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  • Nate56mate

    • The Hero- Littlefoot
    • The Lancer- Cera, Guido and Mo
    • The Smart Guy- Petrie and Shorty
    • The Big Guy- Spike and Chomper
    • The Chick- Ducky and Ruby

    • The Hero- Littlefoot
    • The Lancer- Petrie
    • The Smart Guy- Ducky
    • The Big Guy- Cera
    • The Chick- Ducky

    • The Hero- Grandpa Longneck
    • The Lancer- Topps and Papa Sharptooth
    • The Smart Guy- Grandma Longneck
    • The Big Guy- Mama Sharptooth
    • The Chick- Mama Swimmer, Mama Flyer and Ruby's Parents

    • The Hero- Peenut
    • The Lancer- Red Claw
    • The Smart Guy- John and Paul
    • The Big Guy- Plates, Screech, Thud and Ringo
    • The Chick- George and Terrance

    • The Big Bad- Sharptooth
    • The Dragon- Plates
    • The Evil Genius- The VII Deinonychus and Rinkus
    • The Brute- Bovus
    • The Dark Chick- Red Claw

    • The Big Bad- Smasher
    • The Dragon/The Brute- Crasher
    • The Evil Genius- The Sarcosuch…

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  • Nate56mate
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  • Nate56mate
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  • Nate56mate

    Prosaurolophus Poll

    January 25, 2018 by Nate56mate
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  • Nate56mate

    1. I

    1. II
    2. III
    3. IV

    1. V
    2. VI
    3. VII
    4. VIII
    5. IX
    6. X
    7. XI
    8. XII

    1. XIII

    1. XIV
    2. XV
    3. XVI
    4. XVII
    5. XVIII
    6. XIX
    7. XX

    1. XXI
    2. XXII
    3. XXIII
    4. XXIV
    5. XXV
    6. XXVI
    7. XXVII
    8. XXVIII
    9. XXIX
    10. XXX
    11. XXXI
    12. XXXII
    13. XXXIII
    14. XXXIV
    15. XXXV
    16. XXXVI
    17. XXXVII
    18. XXXVIII
    19. XXXIX
    20. XL

    1. XLI

    1. XLII
    2. XLIII
    3. XLIV

    1. XLV
    2. XLVI
    3. XLVII

    1. XLVIII
    2. XLIX
    3. L
    4. LI
    5. LII
    6. LIII

    1. LIV

    1. LV
    2. LVI
    3. LVII
    4. LVIII
    5. LIX
    6. LX

    1. LXI
    2. LXII
    3. LXIII

    1. LXIV
    2. LXV
    3. LXVI
    4. LXVII
    5. LXVIII
    6. LXIX
    7. LXX
    8. LXXI
    9. LXXII
    10. LXXIII
    11. LXXIV
    12. LXXV
    13. LXXVI
    14. LXXVII
    15. LXXVIII
    16. LXXIX
    17. LXXX
    18. LXXXI
    19. LXXXII
    20. LXXXIII
    21. LXXXIV
    22. LXXXV
    23. LXXXVI
    24. LXXXVII
    25. LXXXVIII
    26. LXXXIX
    27. XC
    28. XCI
    29. XCII
    30. XCIII
    31. XCIV
    32. XCV
    33. XCVI
    34. XCVII
    35. XCVIII
    36. XCIX
    37. C
    38. CI
    39. CII
    40. CIII

    1. CIV
    2. CV
    3. CVI
    4. CVII
    5. CVIII
    6. CIX
    7. CX
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  • Nate56mate
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  • Nate56mate

    The Land Before Time DCLXVI: Littlefoot's Excellent Adventure is a 2134 Animated Musical Film, Directed By Faso Ripoll II 

    After Killing Supreme Leader Snoofah, Littlefoot Must Flee Into The World Where He Is Being Pursued By Sharpteeth and Pirates

    The Film Begins With Littlefoot and His Friends Playing With Lightsabers But Littlefoot's Lightsaber Loses Its Grip and Lands Straight Into Supreme Leader Snoofah's Chest Cutting Him In Half

    Littlefoot Is Then Banished And He Enters The Mysterious Beyond Where A Pack Of Indoraptors Attack Him, After A 20 Minute Long Chase Scene, Littlefoot Loses Them and Ends Up In The Caribbean Where He Meets Jack Sparrow

    Then The Flying Dutchman Rises From The Sea and Littlefoot Escapes

    He Then Meets The Sinister I…

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  • NanoLancensis

    The Land Before Time: The Wonderful Quest or Something is the twentieth installment in The Land Before Time series of animated movies.

    A time travelling human girl comes to the Great Valley, and is immediately kicked out by the xenophobic Valley-dwellers. The kids help her find a way to get back to her home time, with the help of a goofy Kulindadromeus.

    The film begins in the Great Valley, where Littlefoot and his friends are busy breakdancing, and they start singing the song, "Happy Happy Days". Their fun is interrupted when a magical rainbow streaks across the Great Valley, and a human girl falls out of the sky. She introduces herself to the Gang of Five as Alex, and they quickly become friends. However, Topps (referred to as "Mr. McTopsy" by …

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