• Littlefoot the Longneck

    Okay, so I need help about the part of transcripts of TV series episodes, because it is not easy to find them on social media, I have to make it by myself. If you can help me with that part, that would be a big help.

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  • MongooseLover

    My Art Part 5

    July 11, 2019 by MongooseLover
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  • Nate56mate
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  • Bertie88

    This is an attempt to pass the time until tomorrow.

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  • Hypnobrai

    A blog post that will contain all animation cels, background paintings, concept art, concept drawings, model sheets, reference sheets, scripts, storyboards, etc. that have been found thus far. Cels should be added in the order of which their scenes occurred (or were going to occur, in the case of the first film) for each movie. Feel free to add new material to this page. If you find anything, make sure to go on the Production Material Repository thread to report your findings.

    When adding material that is from a deleted scene, make it to add the caption CUT FROM FILM in bold. If unsure, write "Cut from film?" instead. If it was rearranged during editing of the film, add the caption REARRANGED IN FILM.

    Coming soon

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  • Disneysaurus

    That's only half of double feature.

    WB:ADS should've been the Land Before Time related. It's the oldest, It's the easyest.

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  • Bertie11

    This is an updated version of an old blog post I made with one of my bad sock puppet accounts. I am hoping Nate and Nano make jokes about this one like they did the first, but I am still trying to be accurate with my classifications.

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  • Mrclubtail1234

    • Ibarber
    • John Gon
    • TV Robotnik

    • Ernesto

    • Dennis Nedry
    • Blue

    • Lotso

    • Scar
    • Ed
    • Shenzi
    • Banzai
    • Janja
    • Cheezi
    • Chungu
    • Zira
    • Mzingo

    • Sher Khan
    • Kaa
    • King Louie

    • Grimmel

    • Dinosaur George

    • Soto

    • Prince Hans

    • Queen Grimhilde

    • Frollo
    • 3 guards

    • Lord Farquaad

    • One Eye

    • Bowser

    • King K. Rool

    • Sonic (2019 movie version)
    • Eggman

    • Professor Screweyes

    • Miguel
    • Hector

    • Simba
    • Timon
    • Pumbaa

    • Mowgli
    • Baloo

    • Nemo

    • Snow White

    • Alan Grant
    • Ian Malcom (Fallen Kingdom version)

    • Tom Holtz

    • Manny
    • Sid
    • Diego
    • Scrat
    • Crash
    • Eddy

    • Hiccup
    • Astrid
    • Hiccup & Astrid's kids
    • Toothless
    • Light Fury

    • Shrek
    • Fiona
    • Donkey

    • Mario
    • Luigi

    • Donkey Kong

    • Sonic (pre 2019 version)

    • Woody
    • Buzz Lightyear

    • Speckles

    • Elsa
    • Anna

    • Arlo
    • Spot

    • Littlefoot
    • Cera
    • Ducky
    • Petrie
    • Spike
    • Chomper
    • Ruby
    • Etta
    • Wild Arms
    • Bron

    • Rex
    • Woog
    • Dweeb
    • Elsa
    • Louie
    • Cecilia

    Probably more to be added later

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  • Dillonjames06

    Hey, guys. So, I wanted to show you two scenes from my unfinished transcript of 'The Amazing World of Dinopals: The Movie.'

    (Littlefoot, Gumball and Darwin are now outside in the fields)

    Gumball: Okay, quick little once around Elmore, then, hello, party!

    (Littlefoot, Gumball and Darwin stop and turn to see Jamie and her 2 friends, Chi Chi and Ribbit walking over to Tippy on a hill)

    (Ali, Guido and Terra come by)

    Ali: Hey, look at this. It's our new inside connections.

    Guido: Congrats, Littlefoot.

    (Ali, Guido and Terra look at Jamie too)

    Terra: Oh, will you look at that?!

    Jamie: Oh, this is gonna be so much fun.

    Chi Chi: (whispering) Don't wake up the dino.

    Ribbit: (whispering) Oh, she won't.

    Jamie: (chuckles) Watch and learn. (tips Tippy)

    Tippy: Hey! W…

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  • Hypnobrai

    I've had a weird headcanon for a couple of years now, but only today am I revealing it.

    During the events of the first film, Sharptooth is killed, and Red Claw finds out about the death of his brother (yep, they're brothers - Red Claw was just the runt of the litter). He is told by a fast biter messenger that a young Longneck, Threehorn, Swimmer, Flyer, and Spiketail teamed up to kill Sharptooth. Devastated, Red Claw vows to kill the young dinosaurs who murdered his brother, and sends sharpteeth to wherever the gang of five are located in each film in order to gain revenge. Allos (the VI Browridge Sharptooth) is his right-hand man at the time. The III raptors, Crusher, Smasher, and Thrasher also work with Red Claw at the beginning.

    In the second…

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  • Nate56mate
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  • Bertie33

    Here are my classifications for the Sharpteeth. I think some of the raptors are too distinct to be Velociraptor.

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  • NanoLancensis

    As with Late Cretaceous North America-ifying the series, I don't think I need to elaborate here - everything here is either from the Morrison Formation, the Sundance Sea, the Tendaguru Formation in a couple instances or nonspecific. Just about entirely objectively false, I originally wanted to just do the first movie.

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  • Mrclubtail1234
    • Littlefoot: concrete
    • Cera: concrete
    • Ducky: frog
    • Petrie: bird
    • Spike: pine
    • Chomper: garbage
    • Ruby: sweaty armpits
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  • Mrclubtail1234

    I got a bad feeling that everyone is starting to betray me. If that does happen I will stay out of the wiki and move to Jurassic Park Wiki. Hopefully that won't happen

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  • Bertie11

    Wait a second...

    May 28, 2019 by Bertie11

    When I first joined, I added all the Sharpteeth to the Villains category and got blocked.

    I’ve figured out something, considering that the Sharpteeth get treated so horribly (especially the Baryonx), and no one feels sorry for them, the people who made the movies must consider them villains. I think the makers of some of the worse sequels believe that Littlefoot is a hero who can do no wrong and that poor innocent theropod he slaughtered was an evil creature that deserved its death.

    So, if that’s what the people in charge believe, then we go with their thoughts.

    The reason that I never used the word ‘director’ was because they’re not the only ones behind this.

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  • MongooseLover

    My Art Part 4

    May 26, 2019 by MongooseLover

    Once more, things are getting glitchy, so I created a new blog.

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  • Mrclubtail1234

    We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story

    Plot: Rex finds a little blue bird named Buster. Buster runs away to join the circus but Buster says "Hey ain't you a dinosaur?". 65000000 years ago Rex chased a dinosaur. Then a UFO hits Rex in the head. Then what came out of the UFO was an alien named Vorb. Rex then chased Vorb. He then shows Rex Brain Grain cereal. Then two robotic hands appeared and fed him tons and tons of Brain Grain. Rex's color changed from dark orange to bright orange and gave him a voice. Then he meets 3 dinosaurs. A blue Triceratops named Woog, a green Parasaurolophus named Dweeb, and a purple Pteranodon named Elsa. Rex and the 3 then eat hotdogs together. After that they meet a man named Neweyes. He shows them the Wish Radio. He th…

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  • Bertie11

    These are the animals appearing in my fan-made Land Before Time sequel.



















    Non Dinosaurs


    Marine Reptiles

    Other Reptiles


    Amphibians/basal tetrapods


    I don’t want anyone telling me that this is fake. This is what I want for the 15th movie, not what Universal wants. If it came out a little weird...well lists aren’t really my thing. I might need some help.

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  • Bertie11

    The Land Before Time: Into the Mysterious Beyond (also known as The Land Before Time XV: Into the Mysterious Beyond) is a 2019 direct to video animated feature and the fifteenth film in the Land Before Time franchise. It is based on the obscure 2006 video game The Land Before Time: Into the Mysterious Beyond Like all the other Land Before Time movies, it is traditionally animated.


    Littlefoot, a young apatosaurus, is still living with his friends Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Chomper and Ruby in the Great Valley. His father Bron and a cowardly Nothronychus named Wild Arms are now living in the Valley. Wild Arms is supposed to be looking after Chomper that day, but is too scared of the baby Sharptooth and lets him run off. Chomper chases…

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  • Bertie11

    Everyone else has done one of these and I thought it would be fun to make my own.






















    Marine reptiles

    Other reptiles


    Amphibians/basal tetrapods


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  • Littlefoot the Longneck

    Hello, everyone. I just want to ask this. As I noticed, in The Land Before Time XIV: Journey of the Brave, Cera always suggested going find the Long Valley. So my question is, where is the Long Valley anyway and did it appear in the previous movies or T. V Series? Thank you.

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  • Littlefoot the Longneck

    Episode 27: Return to the Valley
    (Description: Littlefoot, Bron, Etta, Wild Arms, and the others try and return to the Great Valley, while dodging Horned Sharptooth, Featherhead Sharpteeth, Red Claw, Screech, and Thud. Shorty, meanwhile, wonders about Bron and if he has been rescued in time.)
    Episode 28: Bad Influence
    (Description: After Tricia nearly gets eaten by Red Claw, Screech, and Thud, Topps won’t let Tricia play with the others anymore. Can they change his mind?)
    Episode 29: Return of the Egg Stealers
    (Description: Ozzy and Strut are back, this time taking Sharptooth eggs. After the kids meet some Sharpteeth who had their eggs taken, Chomper is forced to make a deal to get the eggs by the end of the day or else Ducky and Petrie will be…

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  • Nate56mate

    A memorial page for non-sauropods that were culled

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  • NanoLancensis

    A moment of silence for the sauropods culled in the morning hours of 4/14/19:

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  • Nate56mate

    LEGO The Land Before Time: The Video Game is a 2021 action-adventure game developed by Traveller's Tales and Universal Studios.

    Character Image Character Name Special Abilities  Unlocked By Species

    High Jump

    Tail Smash

    Story Apatosaurus


    Belly Flop

    Story Triceratops



    Story Pteranodon
    Ducky Swimming Story Parasaurolophus
    Chomper Super-Bite Story Tyrannosaurus
    Ruby Speed Story Oviraptor
    Grandpa Tail Smash Story Apatosaurus

    Tail Smash

    Belly Flop

    Story Stegosaurus
    Grandma Tail Smash Story Apatosaurus
    Mr. Threehorn Ramming Story Triceratops

    Super Bite

    High Jump

    Free Play Tyrannosaurus
    Rooter Tail Smash Free Play Ankylosaurus
    Mama Swimmer Swimming Free Play Parasaurolophus
    Mama Flyer



    Free Play Pteranodon

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  • NanoLancensis

    The title is self explanatory, sort of inspired by Zeref Fullbuster's various lists.

    • First and foremost, I'd really rather there not be anything explicitly borrowed from the sequels - no Chomper, no Bron, no Guido, no Ruby, no Ali, no Doofah, no Etta, no "Mysterious Beyond", no "Big Water"...
    • I'd like the dinosaur designs to be reasonably accurate - feathers for non-tyrannosaurid coelurosaurs like Ornithomimus and any potential dromaeosaurs, palms that face each other in non-thyreophoran dinosaurs (particularly theropods) and skulls that aren't too shrinkwrapped. The Jurassic World dinosaur aesthetic needs to die.
    • I don't want there to be any diegetic musical numbers (big songs sung by the characters); songs ala "If We Hold On Together" or the on…

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  • Mrclubtail1234

    Sorry if my name appeared different,my original name was mrclubtail and I'm not trying to sockpuppet I'd like to add correct information on pages and roleplay with you guys.

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  • Mrclubtail
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  • NanoLancensis

    The official timeline for the Peenut roleplays. For the sake of streamlining, some dates in the original roleplays (e.g. how much time there is between P1 and P2) have been retconned.

    • Life of an Ichthyostega
    • Land Before Time Origins: Sailback Jack
    • Peenut 1
    • The Land Before Time: The Rise of Sharptooth (remake)
    • Peenut 2: The Rise of KFP
    • Peenut the Third
    • Peenut Forever After

    • Peenut: The Hidden Valley (pending)
    • DinosOrigin (pending)

    • Peenut: The Final Chapter (overwritten by P:THV, didn't get to finish its story anyway)
    • Land Before Time Origins: Hypnobrai (very much tied to P:TFC, wasn't finished either)
    • Life of a Sharptooth (though I considered railing the story into being compliant with the Peenut stories really early on, and the roleplay is a (partial) …

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  • E271828log

    Irrational Number

    February 26, 2019 by E271828log

    3.14159 265 35 897 93 23846 264 338 3279 5028841 971 69 39937510 582 0974944 59 23078164 06 286 20899 862 803 4825 3421 170 679 821 480 8651 328 230 6647 093 84 460 95 505 82 23172 535 940 8128 4811174 502 84 10270193 852 1105559 64 46229489 54 930 38196 442 881 0975 6659 334 461 284 756 4823 378 678 3165 2 7120 19091 45 648 56 692 3 4603 48610 45 432 66482 1 3393 60726 02 491 41 273 7 2458 70066 06 315 58817 48815 20920 96 282 92540 91715 36436 78925 903600 1133 05305 4 882 0466 521 384 1469 51 941 511 6094

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  • MongooseLover

    My Art Part 3

    February 3, 2019 by MongooseLover
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  • Jychan1

    What is your favorite color?

    December 24, 2018 by Jychan1

    Comment below on favorite color?

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  • Nate56mate

    Africa-ifing The Series

    December 22, 2018 by Nate56mate
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  • Nate56mate

    Aardonyx - An early stage in the evolution of sauropods.

    Abelisaurus - "Abel's lizard" has been reconstructed from a single skull.

    Abrictosaurus - An early relative of Heterodontosaurus.

    Abrosaurus - A close Asian relative of Camarasaurus.

    Abydosaurus - This sauropod's intact skull was discovered in 2010.

    Acanthopholis - No, it's not a city in Greece.

    Achelousaurus - Might this have been a growth stage of Pachyrhinosaurus?

    Achillobator - This fierce raptor was discovered in modern-day Mongolia.

    Acristavus - This early hadrosaur lacked any ornamentation on its skull.

    Acrocanthosaurus - The largest meat-eating dinosaur of the early Cretaceous period.

    Acrotholus - North America's earliest bone-headed dinosaur.

    Adamantisaurus - This titanosaur was named …

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  • TimeLordMaster108

    Ok. So after some thinking I’m going to share with you my head-canon for the Land Before Time Series. This timeline will comprise of the films, TV Series, books, comics, video games and even fan works which I believe can nicely fit into the canon along with my own fan works. With that being said, let's begin.

    Also note: I will not be including births of characters that we haven't seen due to me not being good enough to figure out their ages.

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  • MongooseLover

    My Art Part 2

    November 30, 2018 by MongooseLover

    Part 1 was getting rather big and possibly hogging too much memory.    At any rate, I have made a second part.

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  • E271828log

    By the way my favorite animal is a bat. Do you have a favorite animal?

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  • Nate56mate

    • Five New Areas
      • San Diego
      • Lockwood Manor
      • Nublar South
      • Guam
      • Sao Miguel Island
    • Two New Advisors
      • Gunnar Eversoll
      • Vic Hoskins
    • Three New Events
      • Lawsuits
      • Volcano Eruptions
      • Dinosaur Auctions

    • Dryosaurus
    • Ornithomimus
    • Minmi
    • Hypsilophodon

    • Pachyrhinosaurus
    • Saurolophus
    • Lambeosaurus
    • Zuniceratops
    • Diabloceratops
    • Euoplocephalus
    • Miragaia
    • Wuerhosaurus
    • Iguanodon
    • Ouranosaurus

    • Argentinosaurus
    • Patagotitan
    • Puertasaurus
    • Alamosaurus
    • Amphicoelias
    • Seismosaurus
    • Supersaurus
    • Ultrasauros

    • Utahraptor
    • Dakotaraptor
    • Guanlong
    • Proceratosaurus
    • Herrerasaurus
    • Micoraptor
    • Ornitholestes
    • Coelurus
    • Carnoraptor

    • Irritator
    • Yutyrannus
    • Megalosaurus
    • Daspletosaurus
    • Gorgosaurus
    • Albertosaurus
    • Teratophoeneus
    • Neovenator
    • Rugops
    • Alangasaurus

    • Carcharodontosaurus
    • Acrocanthosaurus
    • Tyrannotitan
    • Dynamoterror
    • Thanos

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  • Marcoarias101


    November 22, 2018 by Marcoarias101

    Everyone in the LBT Community, Today is their 30th anniversary and I want you all to let Universal Studios to know that we need a new LBT Film. We have been in the dark for too long now and it is time that we need to let them know.

    Just like the video says, Anndi McAfee says that we need to let NBCUniversal know that we need another film, so make an account on twitter and get it all trending so that Universal will see it and Send emails on their facebook and their websites.

    Here are the links to their websites 


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  • Nate56mate

    Recently a Commercial Was Uploaded to The Wiki Showing Sharptooth Being Scared by Flying Pieces of Cereal and People Are Calling This Sharptooth Pathetic, You See Sharptooth's Reaction is Perfectly Justified, He's Never Seen These Creatures Before In His Life and The Fact They Were Flying Just Creeped Him Out So He Fled

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  • NanoLancensis

    A text version of a theory I considered during my latest (and will be last) The Land Before Time marathon; this came to me when I started thinking about how much all of the movies like to contradict each other.

    Starting off with what I consider to be the one true universe:

    This universe only contains the original movie; not a single one of the sequels or episodes of the television series are canon.

    Canon movies:

    1. The Land Before Time

    Standout species

    Some characteristics (world):

    • Again, two locations are suggested for the Great Valley; XIII posits that it is somewhere in east Asia, while Journey of the Brave proposes that it is on Victoria Island in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago of all places.
    • The Great Valley's beauty and plant population has taken a …

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  • Lord of the STARS
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  • NanoLancensis

    I thought it would be fun to go into Blender and scale the creatures of The Land Before Time to this picture of Littlefoot, which speculates what his size may be based on a picture of him and his Grandpa. Weight estimates are based on calculating the mass of the models I create based on the creatures as if they were made of soy beans (there's no option to calculate them as if they were made of meat).

    Because all/most of the creatures are scaled to Littlefoot, there may be size disrepancies; take the numbers here with a delicious meal of salt.

    Results so far are that:

    Many more creatures should be added in time, stay tuned.

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  • Nate56mate

    The Poll Poll

    September 14, 2018 by Nate56mate

    Recently Me and Nano Have Decided to Depose of Polls and Switch To Classification Discussions, What Should The Wiki Do

    The Poll Will End Tommorow

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  • NanoLancensis

    I'm not going to beat around the bush; I think they're Velociraptor because, at the end of the day, The Land Before Time is a Universal property, and given how prominent Velociraptor is in their other dinosaur property, I don't see why Universal would so prominently utilize non-velociraptor dromaeosaurs in their films.

    Before anyone cries foul on how the post-art shift raptors look too different from the earlier raptors to be the same species, this weird species dimorphism is also present in Universal's other raptors; like the velociraptors in this franchise, the earlier morphs (in JP's case, the male variant of the earlier morph introduced in The Lost World: Jurassic Park) are brown/red/orange with stripes with slit pupils and are Deinonychus size…

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  • NanoLancensis

    These are the assets that I use for when holidays roll around; a few of these I don't think have been used; this is for if other admins decide to continue to do holiday themes in my absence, so you can switch back to the old assets after the holiday is over.

    Mind you, these are only the assets I made or worked on; I don't have the favicon on hand, for instance.

    I'm not sure if anyone will change the cursor, so I won't bother putting that here.

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  • Nate56mate

    Campylognathoides Poll

    September 3, 2018 by Nate56mate

    What Should It Be Campylognathoides (It's Current Classification) Dorygnathus (A Much More Well Known Pterosaur That's Been Known in The Fossil Record Longer)

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  • NanoLancensis
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  • Nate56mate

    An Annoucement

    August 26, 2018 by Nate56mate

    With Nano Leaving In September, I Have Decided To Nominate Myself As His Replacement and I Shall Lead The Wiki Into a New Era, Where Classifications Will Be Simpler and Animation Errors, Trolls and Sockpuppets Shall Harshy Cracked Down On

    Vote Me For New Leader of The Wiki

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