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Belly Draggers (The Amazing Threehorn Girl)
Belly Dragger Pack
Rutiodon TLBT.png

Male and Female




Brown (three, though sometimes one of them is dark green)
Dark green (two, though sometimes one of them is brown)
Dull green (one)

Eye color

Orange (brown and dull green individuals)
Yellow (dark green individuals)
Red (brown individuals in two shots)


Creatures/indeterminate crocodilians



Voice actor

Pete Sepenuk

First appearance

The Amazing Threehorn Girl

Last appearance

"The Amazing Threehorn Girl"

These five Belly Draggers from the episode, "The Amazing Threehorn Girl", are a pack of crocodilians. One of the pack members, referred to as "Spotted Belly Dragger" by Cera, serves as their leader. Collectively, they are the main antagonists of the episode.


Two of them first appear during the beginning of the episode. They are seen chasing the Gang of Seven, ending up cornering Cera while the other six escape. However, before they can attack her, several rocks fall towards the Belly Draggers, causing them to quickly flee to avoid being crushed. Cera, who had her eyes closed the whole time, believes that she chased the Belly Draggers away and tells the whole Valley, leading to them venerating her as a hero. However, the gang find three of them near the Great Valley, and leaving, presumably to gather a couple more of the crocodiles to attack later. Soon they enter the Valley.

They attack Cera during the climax of the episode, cornering her at the edge of a cliff. They prepare to attack her, but her father comes to protect her, ramming one of the brown Belly Draggers into the air, knocking it unconscious. They both yell, scaring three of the four remaining Belly Draggers, but one of them is not intimidated and charges at Topps.

Topps stomps on it, and grabs its tail with his mouth and flings it into the air. The other three are scared and try to escape. Two of them get away, but the thrown Belly Dragger lands on top of a third brown-colored retreating one, knocking them both down. The rest of the Great Valley population later chase the two remaining Belly Draggers out of the Great Valley.


  • They are the only Belly Draggers from the TV series, the only Belly Draggers that hunt in packs instead of alone, and the only Belly Draggers that have ever gotten inside the Great Valley.
  • In a couple of shots, the two brown Belly Draggers that help surround Topps and Cera have red eyes, akin to Tyrannosaurus from the first six The Land Before Time films.
  • It is unknown as to what happened to three of the Belly Draggers that had been knocked out; they may have been chased away by the Great Valley herd after waking up, or they could have ran away afterwards, knowing they stood no chance against the herds.


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