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Anndi Lynn McAfee (born September 28, 1979 in Los Angeles), is an American actress, voice actress and older sister of Scott McAfee. She started performing on stage when she was 8 years old and began working on film projects a year later. Anndi, like Rob Paulsen, has been seen and heard in many commercials, films and TV series. She played Randy's (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) first girlfriend, Beth, on Home Improvement, as well as Monica in Dark Chronicle and Amber the Corythosaurus in Dink, the Little Dinosaur. She also voiced a girl named Carrie in an episode of The New Batman Adventures titled "Legends of the Dark Knight", who closely resembles the final Robin (comics), Carrie Kelly in Frank Miller (comics) Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. One of her most famous roles is the bad-tempered Cera, Lydia the horned gopher and a Corythosaurus in The Land Before Time sequels, Ashley A in Recess (TV series) and Brittany Boviac in Lloyd in Space, as well as Phoebe Heyerdahl in Hey Arnold!. She was also the voice of Robyn Starling in 1993's Tom and Jerry: The Movie and Yumi in Ape Escape 3. As of The Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island, she replaced Candace Hutson to voice Cera and has been her voice actor ever since.

On March 3, 2014, she posted a cover of "Let It Go" on her blog.[1]


Young Artist Awards:

  • Nominated, 1992, Outstanding Voice-Over in an Animation Series for: "Dink, the Little Dinosaur" (1989)
  • Nominated, 1993, Best Young Actress in a Television Movie for: When No One Would Listen (1992) (TV)
  • Nominated, 1994, Youth Actress Leading Role in a Television Series for: "Home Free" (1993)
  • Won, 1994, Best Youth Actress Guest Starring in a Television Show for: "Baywatch" (1989)
  • Nominated, 1998, Best Performance in a Voiceover - TV or Film - Young Actress for: "Recess" (1997)

DVD Exclusive Awards:


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